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The pdnsapp

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One of my projects called pdnsapp is a Python microframework to help develop DNS based applications, very much like Flask or Bottle for HTTP or like Lamson for SMTP. Like most of the frameworks of this kind it needs an 'application server' to run. This server for pdnsapp is currently PowerDNS. For basic functionality it has no dependencies other than the Python standard libraries.

WiFi + Ethernet bonding

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The problem

When I'm at home, I dislike undocking my laptop to move around the house because of the Ethernet-to-WiFi switchover takes long seconds and all my TCP sessions like SSH get lost. It's because my laptop is assigned a different IP address on WiFi and on the wired network even if they belong to the same VLAN. Weel, it looks like this is not the case any more.

The solution

VTI Tunnel Interface with strongSwan

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I successfully managed to get Linux VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interface) working with strongSwan. By using VTI it is no longer needed to rely on the routing policy database, making understanding and maintaining routes easier. Also with VTI you can see the cleartext traffic on the VTI interface itself. It was confusing to see actual tunnel traffic before using tcpdump using the standard policy database setup. (There are ulog/nflog hacks to see cleartext traffic in both direction though, similar to BSD pflog)