ArchZFS companion repo for dependent kernel versions

Proof of Concept #linux, #zfs

As per the ArchZFS repository README: ‘‘occasionally the OpenZFS project gets behind on stable support for the latest Linux Kernel release. This means that if Linux 4.15 is released to core, but the latest stable release of OpenZFS does not support Linux 4.15, it is not possible to perform a system update. Sometimes it can take a few days, a few weeks, or a month to release a new stable version of OpenZFS’’. Based on the good ol’ Gentoo memories, you might think that the package manager of this ultramodern distribution surely can handle different kernel versions installed at the same time? Unfortunately, the implementation reality of pacman, the package manager of ArchLinux follows a different stereotype.

See my ArchZFS-compatible kernel packages repository that offers a solution for this problem.

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