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The pdnsapp - part 1

Proof of Concept #dns

One of my projects called pdnsapp is a Python based microframework aimed to help develop DNS based applications, very much like Flask or Bottle do for HTTP or like Lamson does with SMTP. Like most of the frameworks of this kind it needs an ‘application server’ to run. This server for pdnsapp is currently PowerDNS. For basic functionality it has no dependencies other than the Python standard libraries.

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Thoughts on IPv6 Reverse DNS Address Mapping for the masses

Half Baked Ideas #dns

Reverse DNS records are good for you. Especially if you run your own SMTP MTAs. Without proper reverse-forward DNS record mapping, some nice anomalies may appear for you. You may have faced the fact some other MTAs shut down your incoming connection for no particular reason. OpenSSH daemon also has the option to check if your forward and reverse DNS entries match. Also, being on IRC with only an IP address is so 90’s ;)

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